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Surveys of FDIC Insured CD, Savings and Money Market Interest Rates for Individual Investors and Financial Institutions.
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For Individual Investors
A Connecticut Bank Rate Recap Survey is your essential guide to finding some of the highest interest rates in Connecticut for FDIC/NCUSIF insured CD, Savings and Money Market accounts.

For Financial Institutions
Connecticut Bank Rate Recap Surveys allow financial institutions to compare quickly their own product pricing with state averages as well as specific competitor offerings and promotions.

How Do I Order A Survey?
Check out our Ordering Information Page. Or better yet for personal service, call us at 860-669-4116! Want to know more about Connecticut Bank Rate Recap? Look over our FAQ's below and browse our information pages. Don't miss our Weekly Commentary!

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FAQ's - What is the Connecticut Bank Rate Recap?

  • Founded in 1991, Connecticut Bank Rate Recap is a weekly survey of deposit and loan account interest rates offered at 80+ CT banks and select credit unions.
  • Who Produces the Connecticut Bank Rate Recap? Connecticut Bank Rate Recap is locally owned and published by Robert E. Bischoff. Mr. Bischoff brings over 27 years experience working in and with the CT financial services industry. A former bank Vice President, Mr. Bischoff's expertise covers deposit account product design, market research and training bank personnel in financial issues including the regulations governing advertising of deposit account interest rates, compounding methods and FDIC insurance.
  • Published every Friday morning, Connecticut Bank Rate Recap surveys cover a broad range of CD, savings and money market rates available at banks and select credit unions operating in the state.
  • Connecticut Bank Rate Recap is the best way to find some of the highest rates available for CD's and other deposit rates in Connecticut. Instantly check dozens of rates without having to search newspaper ads, waste time making phone calls or aimlessly search the web.
  • Compare the CD, Savings and Money Market Rates and APY's at 80+ CT Banks and Select Credit Unions. CD maturities from 30 days to 5 years including many higher balance Specials, Relationship Accounts and Premium Rates.
  • Easy to Use. Interest rate surveys are e-mailed in Excel spreadsheet format for easy downloading to your PC or Mac. You can order a single week's survey. Monthly, biweekly and weekly subscriptions are available as well. Check our Ordering Information Page or call 860-669-4116 and ask for Bob Bischoff today!