March 2011 Survey of Deposit Account Fees & Service Charges At CT Financial Institutions Now Available!
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From January 15 through March 15, 2011 Connecticut Bank Rate Recap surveyed deposit account fees and service charges at 50+ Connecticut banks and 50 of the state’s major credit unions. Now financial institutions can review their own fee schedules without going through the difficult and time consuming process of collecting and “shopping” the competition’s service charges. Individuals can compare fees at financial institutions for the most competitive products.

What Does the Report Contain?
1. Personal Checking Fees
• Monthly fees.
• Per check charges.
• Minimum balance to waive fees.
• Minimum balance in a linked CD or savings to waive fees.
• NSF & uncollected charges.
• Return of deposited items.
• Stop payment charges.
• Interim statements.
• Research charges per hour.

2. Savings Account Fees
• Monthly fees for statement and passbook savings.
• Minimum balance to waive fees.
• Replace lost passbook fee.
• Close out for new accounts.
• Number of months account must remain open to avoid fee.
• Dormant account fee.
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3. Commercial Checking, NOW (Interest Checking) & Money Market Account (MMA) Fees
• Business checking monthly fees.
• Bus - Per deposited item fee.
• Bus - Per deposit charge.
• Bus - Per item paid charge.
• Deposit for locking night bag.
• NOW & MMA monthly fees.
• NOW & MMA minimum balances to waive fees.
• NOW per check charges.
• MMA excess transaction fee.

4. Miscellaneous Fees -
• Money orders and bank drafts
• Wires - domestic & international, incoming & outgoing.
• ATM fees - in bank, network, surcharge, POS, lost ATM card.
• IRA transfer fees.
• Bond coupon redemption.
• Processing levies and garnishments.
• Safe deposit box lost key replacement and box drilling.

5. Credit Union Fees
• A special section dedicated exclusively to service charges at Connecticut credit unions.

What Does It Cost?
The Connecticut Bank Rate Recap Survey of Service Charges & Fees is available as follows:
Subscribers - $155.00
Non-subscribers - $165.00
Credit Unions - $155.00
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